For companies

We provide services for all types of companies, from micro to middle-sized enterprises. We offer partnership agreements concerning the most important issues, putting the main emphasis on:


  • Hardware and software optimisation to the client’s needs
  • Fault-free and functional work environment 
  • Data protection 
  • Making regular backup copies 
  • Using software licenses in accordance with the law
  • Innovations and improvements 
  • Maintenance and servicing of IT hardware
  • Consulting and many other services


Transferring the responsibility from the company’s IT department to an external company has a number of advantages. You can focus on your business, expect fault-free and functional work environment and, at the same time, you are well aware that in case of any emergency you will receive immediate support. 

We take all problems and errors very seriously and try to deal with them as fast as possible.


We have at our disposal a number of workstations, such as desktops and laptops, with up-to-date software, which are ready for use by our clients whenever necessary. We can provide more than a hundred fully equipped workstations consisting of computers, printers and network devices. 



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