Hardware repair

Each repair is preceded by a free-of-charge diagnosis. This is the first step that should be made regardless of what type of problems the client has reported. Any attempt to deal with faulty software is pointless if the problem actually lies in the hardware.

The diagnosis is completely free for you,
If you decide to have a repair with us.

We offer you comprehensive solutions to most types of hardware damage that you may encounter. These are the most common problems:


Notebooks :

- physical damage: LCD, LCD cable, casing, keyboard, broken hinges, water damage, defective power socket etc.

- electronic damage: graphics cards, mainboards. 


PCs: Repairing all the basic components, such as the power supply, mainboard (including BIOS), repairing or replacing damaged expansion cards.


Mac: Apple computers may also get broken. Regardless whether it is a MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro or Mini, we can surely help you with your problem. What makes us stand out in comparison to our competition is an impressive spare part stock, many years of experience and a “Think Different” approach.


Smartphone / Tablet: We repair devices with both iOS and Android systems. We always try to have in stock parts such as touchscreens, LCDs or batteries to the most popular devices for the potential repair to be performed as quickly as possible.


Network devices: These are generally unrepairable, but sometimes power units might get damaged. Most of the time we simply replace the faulty device with a new one and set it up properly. 


Hardware update: We upgrade your hardware and customise its parameters to your needs. We replace memory, graphics cards and drives. Even a computer or a laptop which is a few years old can become significantly faster after replacing HDD with a more high-tech SSD.


After performing the diagnosis, we contact the client in order to present the cost calculation and discuss the next steps. Together, we decide whether the repair is cost-effective and analyse various solutions. We get to work immediately after the client has agreed to the repair.



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