Improperly working software is the most common problem reported by clients of any IT company. Since there are infinite reasons for such problems, we have decided to specialise in this area. Owing to our considerable experience, we can offer you the following services:


Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows operating system, containing all the essential daily use applications
Threat, virus and malware removal
Backup copy configuration and provision of backup manager for simple and user friendly backup edition
Securing the system against malware
Optimal configuration adjusted to individual needs
Support concerning the choice of software, freeware/open-source equivalents or alternative solutions

OS X / macOS

Installation and configuration of the system version best for the given Mac
TimeMachine or alternative backup solution configuration
Appropriate software selection support
Securing macOS against unauthorised access
Efficiency optimisation
Consulting and training on how to make proper use of the most practical and the hidden functions
Data migration from a Windows to a Mac computer and discussing some available options

3. Android / iOS

Backup copies
Document and photo synchronisation
Cloud usage
Software updates
Android <-> iOS migration
System hardening (securing)
Software selection


It might seem that server services are targeted mainly at companies. However, looking deeper into this subject and analysing all the services provided to an individual client, one can observe that servers are not only used in companies, but also in households.

Backup copies
Sharing all types of multimedia
Storing shared files/documents

Here it is also important to choose hardware and software suitable for the client’s needs. We know from experience that hardware is only a foundation for adequate solutions.

5. Backup

It is said that people are divided into those who make backup copies and those who will soon start making them. We should protect the data important for us in case of some failure, the same as we protect ourselves and our belongings with an insurance policy. NAS servers, cloud solutions, or even an external USB drive can protect us from losing important documents. Choosing the perfect backup option is the key issue. There are dozens of companies offering various services and numerous types of software, which makes this choice rather difficult.
We invite you to visit us, consult with us and present your needs. We will find the best available solution together.


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